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We designed ShipExhange.Net as a shipping house on the Web. Once you complete your ID registration, you can get into the house. In the house, there are four halls for free discussion about Newbuilding/S&P, Chartering/Freight, Engineering/Insurance and Finance/Others. You can see those halls' latest information and trending topics in the entrance lobby, which corresponds to the home page of ShipExchange.Net. Our advanced BBS will improve the speed and quality of shipping information.




We provided a private floor for each member. Once you click  LOUNGES in the menu, you will get to your floor and see your LOUNGE LOBBY. In the LOUNGE LOBBY, you can create your own LOUNGES and invite your friends to share confidential information and computer files (upto 64MB per one article/comment). In your LOUNGES, you can open rooms for various purposes. All information and data in the LOUNGE ROOMS are shared only among the LOUNGE MEMBERS whom were invited by the LOUNGE OWNER.




We also provide following ideal communication tools for all members. You can develop close relationships with your shipping friends.


 ADDRESS BOOK (You can find your clients and colleagues from our members list. You don't need to bring many business cards anymore.)


 FREE VOICE/VIDEO CALL & CONFERENCE (You can have meetings with your clients all over the world without business trips.)


 MESSENGER (Our easy-to-use messenger system makes you well-connected with your clients.)


 BUSINESS BLOG (You can share your business journal with members. You can write about whatever you want; opinions, business trips, food, holidays, family etc.)


 ACTIVITY FEED (You can automatically follow activities and movements of your clients.)



Please register for a free ID here. Once you join the club, you can use our services.